Danny Jones Tour Schedule

Upcoming Dates

October 22---------------------------FILMING FAITH-BASED MOVIE "THE SONG" 
                                                BARDSTOWN, KY 11:00 AM-4:30 PM

October 28--------------------------------BATMAN RIDGE CHURCH
                                                          MARENGO, IN 11:00 AM

November 2-------------------------------FINISH SHOOTING "THE SONG" 
                                                      LOUISVILLE, KY

November 16-17--------------------------------------------------USAGEM CONVENTION & AWARD SHOW
                                                                                         WALLACE CHAPEL CHRIST CHURCH
                                                                                             NASHVILLE, TN

December 9------------------------------------HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH
                                                                CRANDALL, IN 10:30 AM

Previous Dates


March 20--------------------------------CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY
                                                          NEW SALISBURY, INDIANA
March 29--------------------------------CARTERSVILLE CHURCH OF GOD
                                                          CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA
APRIL 3----------------------------------WOODVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH
APRIL 9----------------------------------LINCOLN DAY REPUBLICAN BANQUET
                                                           MARENGO, INDIANA
MAY 5------------------------------------FAITH & LOVE CHURCH
                                                          NEW ALBANY, INDIANA 7:00PM
MAY6-------------------------------------FRIENDS CHURCH
                                                           PAOLI, INDIANA 5:30PM
MAY 15-----------------------------------MITCHELL BAPTIST CHURCH
                                                           MITCHELL, INDIANA 6:00PM

 JUNE 12----------------------------------HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH
                                                            CRANDALL, INDIANA 10:30 AM

JUNE 26-----------------------------------WRIGLEY CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY
                                                            LYLES, TENNESSEE 10:00 AM

                                                  YOUNGVILLE, NC

JULY 10---------------------------------------THE CHURCH AT POWELL VALLEY
                                                                 FRENCH LICK, IN 10:00 AM
JULY 22------------------------------------TEXAS TROUBADOUR THEATRE
                                                            NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 7:00PM

JULY 31-----------------------------------PAOLI FRIENDS CHURCH
                                                         PAOLI, INDIANA 10:30 AM
AUGUST 6----------------------------------DORA CHRISTIAN CHURCH
                                                              LAGRO, INDIANA 2:00PM

AUGUST 7------------------------------MARENGO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
                                                              MARENGO, INDIANA 6:00 PM
AUGUST 14----------------------------------BEDFORD FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD
                                                                BEDFORD, INDIANA 10:00 AM

AUGUST 21-----------------------------MT. LEBANON METHODIST CHURCH
                                                               FRENCH LICK, INDIANA 7:00 PM

AUGUST 25------------------------------FAITH AND LOVE CHURCH
                                                           NEW ALBANY, INDIANA 7:00 PM

AUGUST 28-------------------------------MARENGO CHRISTIAN CHURCH
                                                             MARENGO, INDIANA 6:00 PM

SEPTEMBER 30---------------------------------KLONDYKE GOSPEL MUSIC CENTER
                                                                        OZARK, ALABAMA 7:00 PM

                                                 CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA 11:00 AM

                                                      FRENCH LICK, IN 8:30 AM

FEBRUARY 11&12----------------------------RIVER OF LIFE WORSHIP CENTER
                                                                  YOUNGSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA
                                                               SUNDAY, FEB 12 @ 10:30 AM

Danny Jones original song "Run" is going to be featured in the upcoming movie "At Ease". The movie is based on the book "Miracles In Action", the true life story of Angela Alexander. Filming is to begin sometime in 2013. Check out this interview with Angela Alexander on Youtube.

Danny Jones just won THE CROWN JEWEL CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD in Nashville, Tn. Danny also sang DREAM GIVER at the award ceremonies as well. This song is included in the upcoming faith based movie: SECRETS IN THE SNOW.  SECRETS IN THE SNOW is scheduled to premiere in spring of 2012.


*Danny's new single "You Love Me" was just released to radio! Call your local DJ and request it!

* Danny's new CD "Chosen To Dream" has been completed with Heartwarming Records and is now available for purchase. Email Danny at dannyljones@live.com to get your copy!

Read Homeland Entertainment Group's press release announcing Danny Jones joining their family of labels here: Homeland Entertainment PR Buzz

* Danny's new radio single "Don't Throw It All Away" is about teenage suicide in this country.  It just became number one on the Radio Active Airplay charts.  It will also be featured in an upcoming movie based on a true story.  Danny will be performing the song.

Danny Jones recently wrote music for the new faith based movie "IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS".  The film just won the Silver Award at the Kingdomwood Christian Film festival in Atlanta, Georgia.

IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS won BEST PICTURE in 2011 at THE HOLYWOOD CHRISTIAN FILM FESTIVAL in New York. This makes three awards total for this outstanding faith based movie. The film includes Danny's composition: MY PENITENT HEART. We are hoping for a 2012 dvd release.

In Mysterious Ways

* Danny wrote a song titled "Angels Are Watching" for faith based movie "Bluegrass Run" which is scheduled to be released in 2011.

Bluegrass Run


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