Danny is so excited to announce that he was selected for the coveted Artist Of The Year Award last year and is nominated for the USAGEM Crown Jewel Contemporary Christian Award 2012! 

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Danny's latest CD "Run" has been remastered and is available for sale!
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Run - Danny Jones

Danny's new CD "Chosen To Dream" is complete and is available for sale!
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Chosen To Dream - Danny Jones

* Danny's latest radio single "Heaven And Earth" is a song of glory and praise to our Heavenly Father and is getting heavy airplay in some parts of the country.*

Danny Jones is a fourth generation singer, songwriter, and musician.  He has been in the ministry for 25 years, and has traveled across America professionally for 15 years.  He travels with his wife, Angela and their three children, Israel, Reba and Ethan.  Danny has appeared on TBN, Dish Network, The Ralph Emery Show and soon will be featured on The Family Friendly TV network.  Danny has been called the Roy Orbision of gospel music all across Europe.  In 2010, he was nominated by the USAGEM for the Crown Jewel Contemporary Music Award in Nashville, TN.
Danny's new radio single "Don't Throw It All Away" is about teenage suicide in this country.  It just became number one on the Radio Active Airplay charts.  It will also be featured in an upcoming movie based on a true story.  Danny will be performing the song.  The movie industry has embraced Danny with open arms and new opportunities are opening quickly. 

Danny Jones recently wrote music for the new faith based movie "IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS".  The film just won the Silver Award at the Kingdomwood Christian Film festival in Atlanta, Georgia and will be released on DVD sometime in 2011. Check out this touching scene from the movie. The instrumental in this clip is called "My Penitent Heart" and was composed and performed by Danny Jones!

"IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS" has secured a distribution deal through Open Media Company in L.A. and will be released nationally sometime in 2013.

Danny states,"I long to reach the wounded and hurting people with Love and Compassion. 
We are to be Jesus' hands upon the earth.  We may be the only love they ever know!"

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